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“Hiring Taryn was the smartest thing we’ve done in years!”
– -H. and B. Stokes

Vancouver Catered Dinner Parties

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Catered Cocktail Parties

Please see our vancouver premier catering website here.

Romantic Dinners for Two

Celebrate any romantic occasion, or just a surprise for a significant other by having a personal chef prepare a custom menu, multi-course dinner for you and yours! No planning, headaches, shopping or troubles. Just a relaxing, intimate evening. Great for anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, dates and rekindling those sparks.

Chef Taryn will supply everything needed for this evening, including table linens, cutlery, flowers, wine pairing suggestions, cheese, multi-course served meal, and more. We will make your evening perfect.

Please contact Chef Taryn for inquiries about your Romantic Dinner.

Personal Chef Vancouver Pricing

Included in your package:

  1. In home consultation and assessment
  2. Customized menu planning
  3. Purchasing of all ingredients needed
  4. Cooking meals in our commercial kitchen
  5. Packaging and labeling meals with detailed reheating instructions
  6. Clean up

Package Pricing:

The cost of the package starts at $320. This includes four (4) servings of five (5) entrees.

*Please note: the cost differs based on the types of meals you are looking for. Please see below. The price includes containers to store your food in.


A vegetarians cost of groceries will be less than someone ordering all seafood, thus, the cost of groceries entirely depends on the meals you choose and can vary anywhere between $100 to $200.

Please contact Chef Taryn for inquiries about grocery prices.


In the event that the client does not have appropriate storage containers, The Savoury Chef will be happy to make the appropriate purchases for you. There are a wide range of durable and quality storage containers on the market from disposable plastic Ziploc bags and containers to Tupperware and glass Corning Ware or Pyrex.


Cash or cheques are accepted. A 25% deposit is required at the end of the initial consultation.

Cancellation Policy:

Personal Chef Services: The Savoury Chef requires an advance notice of one month (30 days*) prior to the meal preparation date. In the event of a cancellation notice, less than twenty (25) business days in advance, the deposit will not be returned.

*Please note this has been changed since 01.28.2008.