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“It is wonderful to come home to a gourmet meal in my own kitchen!”
- M. and L. Wayrynen

Enjoy the convenience of take-away meals and savour the tastes of a fabulous gourmet restaurant meal in the very comforts of your own home.

Whether you are in the boardroom, at the studio, picking up the kids, planning a party, or too busy to even think of eating, The Savoury Chef will provide in-home dining options for you and your ensemble to enjoy.

Personal Chef Taryn Wa will prepare a customized menu tailored to your specific preferences, complete the grocery shopping, and transform everything into delectable gourmet meals that are ready to enjoy immediately, or reheat and serve later on.

The Savoury Chef is an essential complement for those who are too busy for meal preparation, do not enjoy the act of cooking, have large families, dietary restrictions or are planning to hire a caterer for dinner parties or large gatherings.

If the thought of having a personal chef at your service seems like a luxury, consider this: the cost of hiring a private chef pales in comparison to the total cost of eating out at restaurants, ordering fancy take-out, and throwing out unused, stale and wasted groceries. It definitely adds up once you factor in the amount of time spent shopping for those groceries and cooking them.

A personal, gourmet chef may be just the solution!

With The Savoury Chef, you know you’re getting the freshest ingredients, devoid of preservatives, and you have the luxury of customizing your meals to your liking.

The Savoury Chef is the perfect solution to your dining dilemma.